The Band A Hoodoo Few is a rock band that mixes pop, rock and blues with a dash of rockabilly to cook up a sweet, party vibe. We blend the sounds of American music, past and present to keep toes tappin' and bodies shakin'.
Will Robinson, guitar/vocals: New Jersey-born Army Brat who grew up on military posts in the U.S. and Germany, got first guitar at age 12 and planned to be a Beatle, played first live gig in front of 6th grade class with "Wipe Out" and "Walk, Don't Run." Learned string bass from middle school music teacher and bassist Robert Bell (it was the closest thing the school had to guitar), played first paid gigs during high school freshman/sophomore years as bass guitarist with funk/top 40 band "Joint Effort." Torn between love of music and sports/military tradition, gave up music for track and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, traveling around the world. Bought another guitar in Singapore and began playing again- left the academy for Rowan University and joined a wedding band as bassist, to pay tuition. Wedding band turned into casino/cover band and the beginning of a career as full-time musician. The once college wedding band morphed into dance band and then original band "Model One," signed by NY producer Stan Vincent. Weary after 8 years of playing cover and the fizzling of Model One, moved to California to become rich and famous, because that's where that happens. Played more covers with "The Rebels," but nothing more than that- returned to the East Coast and auditioned for bass guitar in "Robert Hazard and the Heroes." Didn't get it at first, but got a call when the guy who did get it backed out. Played 2 years with Robert and recorded one album, "Darling," for which he returned to Mr. Bell in middle school to borrow his old string bass for the cut "Little brother." Played an awful lot of loud music on tour with Robert, later joined "Shag Motor Pony" for some cool gigging in New York and Philadelphia, including a night at CBGB, then faded away again, this time into the printing industry. Resurrected by Davy Foote in 2013 to play Eastport a Rockin'.
Tom Herman, guitar: Tom was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Rockville, MD. He got his first guitar, a red Harmony acoustic, when he was eleven but didn't play it much. He would pick it up again a few years later after hearing Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin coming from his sister's stereo. It was around this time that Tom placed a microphone in the guitar's sound hole and ran the signal through a Wollensak tape unit, creating a unique, distorted sound. Liking the noise it made, he now found practice a fun endeavor. Tom went on to the University of Maryland and moved to Baltimore after graduating. There he would meet his wife Lisa and settle down to raise a daughter, Cassie, who is now attending college. He currently works in the Wireless Communication field. Tom and Will knew each other from their wives being close friends and it eventually led to Will convincing Tom to come on board A Hoodoo Few!
Shannon Hibberd, bass/vocals: Shannon met Will and Davy through a mutual friend who knew they needed a bass player, and knew she played bass. Shannon was a quiet, chubby little girl who played flute and oboe but secretly dreamed of being a raging rock star. Since raging rock star wasn't on the list of college majors, she decided to study photography which seemed like the next best thing. She dropped her music dreams for a while, but decided to learn bass in her late 20's. She played with "Girls Nite Out" an all female acoustic trio for a few years, then briefly with a country/Buffett style band called "The Bourbon Cowboys". Shannon now works as a photo editor for National Geographic Explorer magazines, races on sailboats, spends quality time with her pit bull Punkin, and rocks out on bass with A Hoodoo Few.
Davy Foote, drums: Davy is Will's nephew, which is sort of how this whole thing got started (more on that below). Davy started his musical career at age 5 when his parents started him in piano lessons. They forced him to continue until he was 16, at which point he realized he kind of liked playing piano, and so kept at it, primarily playing classical music. When he was 9 he started learning how to play drums, and his love of hitting things with other things continued all through high school, playing with the marching band, concert band, jazz band/choir, and a brief foray into rock bands with the short-lived group "Dangerously Pointy Braille". In college, Davy studied concert and orchestral percussion with Al Rometo at the University Nebraska - Lincoln, while continuing to play percussion in the marching band and spending some of his free time on classical piano. Davy never wants to leave school, so he's currently in year 5 of a Ph.D. program in chemical physics at the University of Maryland - College Park. When he's not doing science, Davy stays sane by hiking, cooking, playing Age of Empires II, and of course playing drums! Thanks to Harvey Levine for the picture.
The Band: Davy moved to College Park, just half an hour from Will and Amy, in August of 2012 to start grad school, but he and Will didn't have much opportunity at first to play together. Davy started recording percussion for some of Will's songs in the spring of 2013. In June of that year, Davy went to Eastport a Rockin' in Annapolis, and off-handedly asked Will "so, we're playing at this next year, right?" Well, that turned out to light a fire under Will, and rehearsals began in earnest. Two guys who loved making music, a whole buch of songs Will had already written, and a great practice room/recording studio. Davy and Will were making some recordings, but needed someone to play bass to have any shot as a live band. After months of searching, Will found Shannon, and she joined in January of 2014. The trio played together for two and a half years. Many of Will's songs were written for two (or more) guitars, and he was forced to omit some parts during live shows. In November of 2016, Tom Herman joined the group on lead guitar, which has given the band added depth and versatility. The band is very excited to now be a quartet and continue rocking Annapolis with hard-hitting rock and roll!


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